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Stay & Pray: shared resources for the COVID-19 emergency

We have created this page to share many thoughtful and creative resources that have been drawn to our attention during this health emergency. We will be adding to it as we go along in the hope that it may be of some help.

The Latest CSN Newsletter - Special Lent 2020 Edition:

A reflection on the coronavirus epidemic

From the Retreat Association:

Online Retreats and Resources for challenging times

From the Jesuits:

The Pray as you go Producer, Emma Holland, and Michael Holman SJ have worked hard to produce a new audio resource for those experiencing isolation and uncertainty during this difficult time.

You can find this on the Pray as you go website

Or you can listen on Pathways to God

You can find some other suggested resources here

From Margaret Palladino, CSN Secretary:

There will be many opportunities to share in worship with others and we do hope you will all be able to access the support you desire. I am sure you have a number of local opportunities, but if you need something maybe:-

Daily Mass with Pope Francis

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Cork

St Mary of the Angels, Worthing

A more general place of support, prayer and inspiration set up by two CSN members on the Bishops’ Spirituality Group CCC Christ Covid Community

From The Tablet:

Isolated but not alone: resources for Catholics

From CSN member, Diana Pinchin:

I would like to share some poems I wrote on last year’s Holy Week retreat and an extra one on prayer.

A collection of religious poems written by Diana Pinchin

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